I wanted to share something with you. I don't live a fancy life, full with glamorous dinners, party's, luxery hotels/trips, high fashion and posh jewellery. Nope I am just an ordinary girl, probably just like you feeling kranky, happy, tired, beautiful or awful. I walk the dog every day, play frisbee with him, make dinner, read a book or magazine and draw.

Sounds kind of boring right? Well no. I said I draw and I love to draw! Every day I feel lucky that I can create my own world. Today in line drawings, tomorrow in collage and the next day digitally. For kids, for grownups, books, magazines and products. That's pretty exciting! Because of this gift I am able to create a fantastic world which hopefully is an inspiration for you. You can create your own world too!

How? Follow me on Instagram and via this blog. I'll teach you how to be ordinary. Just kidding! If you love my work and my boring life you can follow my online diary. It would be great to meet you and read your comments and feedback!


Love, Sam